Google Ads

Some customers wonder whether the investment in Adwords campaigns is profitable and whether it will bring return on investment (ROI). In the meantime, they are almost an obligatory element of an effective marketing strategy. Not all actions in this field bring profitability. The condition for success is a professional approach that requires knowledge, creativity and the right amount of time.

The advantage of the advertising campaign is flexibility, measurability, precision and immediate effects. Before we organize the Adwords account structure, our team analyzes keywords as well as phrases entered by users for your industry. Then advise those that will provide the largest return on the advertising budget.

Next, we compose ads for specific keywords. These actions help you maximize your CTR click through rate and CR conversion.

After completing the creation of ad groups, we constantly test, analyze and continuously optimize KeyWords and CPC bids with the help of AdWords and Google Analytics data to constantly increase the effectiveness of ads. We create an individual, comprehensive project for each client. With our help, the ROI and CR rates will go up, the traffic on your website will increase durably, and the number of active customers will increase.

Benefits of Adwords advertising:

  • Immediate start up. Your products or services appear on Google almost immediately after launching the Adwords campaign
  • Measurable effects and conversions
  • Increase traffic on the site
  • There are no lower budget limits
  • You can stop the campaign at any time