According to the principle “By teaching others, we learn” we are willing to share our knowledge. Observing trends in the Internet marketing market and examining the training needs of our clients, we present the training offer.

We organize courses in the field of SEO / SEM, User Experience, conversion optimization and marketing actions. Step by step, we learn how to create goals, plans, budgets and marketing schedules. Trainings conducted by experienced SEO specialists transfer knowledge, teach thinking, and use the presented techniques in real projects.

Our courses are a great opportunity to get to know many practical tools that every marketer, SEO / SEM department employee, copywriter should know, as well as a person who wants to independently perform and manage their website. The training uses a variety of engaging training methods: discussions, group work, quizzes, case studies and presentations.

Thanks to our innovative training programs, you will be able to carry out optimization actions, prepare analyzes and implement effective solutions.

The best way to learn is through action. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer.