Product photography constitutes a large department of our Agency. We are well aware that good photos are the basis of communication with customers. According to recent customer studies, more than 90% of the buyers make their purchase decisions on the basis of photos.

Scope of works:

  • Product photography
  • Staged photography
  • Photo sessions
  • Photo sets
Arranged photo session

At Tango Branding Agency, we perform marketing photography of products in different compositions. We specialise in providing services for the food industry. That is why our office has a properly equipped photo studio with professional kitchen facilities, full of accessories and props, as well as with impressive lighting. Such a location allows for strict cooperation of a team of designers and photographers, fast evaluation of photographs, selection of photographs and post-production.

Arranged photo session with model
photo session Gabriella

What makes us different?

  • We are a Branding Agency with our own photography studio.
  • We follow global trends
  • We provide the photos from sessions in various formats, so our Clients can use them in catalogues or as banners.
  • Credibility is important for us, so during photo sessions for the food industry work the best chefs.
photo session Gabriella