E-marketing in Tango – how to hit the bull’s-eye

E-marketing in Tango – how to hit the bull’s-eye

Dział marketingu internetowego

„The only way to grow is to constantly raise the bar,” said Bruce Lee, which is why the Tango Agency is expanding its range of activities to new areas.

Dynamic element is our element. We have implemented a full package of services related to online marketing. We want to respond to the growing demands of the market and customers as fully as possible. Extensive experience, knowledge and never-ending passion allow us to create more and more effective solutions. Why choose us?

Difficult choices
Choosing an internet marketing agency is a strategic decision with far-reaching consequences for the development of an online brand. Competition on the market is huge. Websites are still tempting with new offers. Virtually every agency argues that it is the best, the cheapest and the fastest. In the information chaos, it’s easy to make the wrong choice. The following tips are intended to help you avoid mistakes.

Professional relations

In our experience, communication is the most important thing. Our consultants are able to listen to the client’s expectations, as well as assess and advise appropriate actions. In our opinion, cooperation is based on mutual dialogue and working out satisfying compromises. Problems in such small issues as the speed of responding to e-mails, the ability to call or make an appointment, information on the implementation of activities, cast a shadow on the overall cooperation. Our employees ask a lot, explain, are open and flexible. Frequent contact with the client and transparency of the presentation of the conducted activities are the assets that definitely distinguish us from the competition.

Examine, check, verify

The agency’s previous experience is illustrated by completed campaigns and the portfolio. Unfortunately, it happens that agencies do not boast about their projects. Sometimes it is also exaggerated to exaggerate own achievements, add well-known companies to the list of their partners, and manipulate the number of completed orders. At Tango Branding Agency we provide the archive of our projects. We are happy to share our successes supported by real references and recommendations.


Meeting deadlines is based on respect for the contractor. Current deadline changes should be communicated and agreed in advance. The provisions of the contract should be transparent and, if necessary, discussed and explained. Our clients receive full information about the terms of cooperation and the billing model. Each order is preceded by a thorough analysis of the industry, competition and budget. Ongoing monitoring, optimization and systematic reporting are carried out at individual stages.

Sometimes, agencies specialize in only one aspect of Internet marketing. As part of the new service, Tango provides comprehensive support in the field of e-marketing strategy, Google Ads campaigns, positioning, Content Marketing, store positioning, international positioning, auditing, training and e-PR, brand monitoring and conversion optimization. Our comprehensive solution saves time, rationalizes costs, strengthens efficiency and ensures that the company potential is fully utilized.

Discover our values

The foundation of every relationship should be trust, respect and responsibility. We treat everyone as a partner, offering support as well as competent advice in difficult situations. We have introduced free consultations to help you choose key e-marketing activities.

In 1991, we were united by a passion for design and creation. We are distinguished by:

  • professional preparation
  • solidity
  • originality
  • effectiveness
  • flexibility
  • sincerity
  • openness
  • involvement

Above all, we identify with our clients’ goals. We give real results, such as increasing website traffic, expanding the customer base, professional brand image, increase in sales, conversion on the website, and increase in ROI.

Does it sound too good to be true? This is the truth about Tango. People matter to us. We boldly but responsibly undertake even the most demanding challenges, offering the client more than he expects. With us you will always be ahead of your competitors.