Euro Sklep as part of the Tango Agency

Euro Sklep as part of the Tango Agency

Rebranding euro sklepu

Tango Branding Agency, as a result of winning the competition, has designed a packaging line for Private Brand products and a visual identification system with a refreshing logo of the Euro Sklep network.

When entering the competition, we knew we had to act on our well-tested method, which bases work on pre-defined stages. What did it look like and what did we do?

Stage 1. Research and looking for inspiration

As usual in this kind of project, we started with research and sources of inspiration. It was the most important stage for us and the foundation of the design process. It was based on our own research and discussions with the client. We wanted to know what kind of people visit the store, what is important for them, what their expectations are, what they like, how they do their shopping. This allowed us to define the target group of the brand, and the related emotions and values. Because the first stage was conducted in this way, we were able to achieve the desired result – to prepare an appropriate brief that helped us to create the brand image.

Stage 2. Sketches and ideas

In this stage, we let our designers run wild with their ideas that were based on the brief, and sketch first versions. Firstly, the logo of the Euro Sklep chain went back to the drawing board, as it needed modification. The former logo was a technical, austere sign that evoked no emotion, and, additionally, was out-of-date by graphic standards. We wanted the new version to communicate openness, freshness, and a modern approach as well as to evoke positive emotions and associations. Therefore, we focused on achieving the following message: “Your Euro Sklep is a friendly and modern place, where you will happily buy anything you need of good quality and for a fair price.” To achieve this, we changed the shape of the logo and font, and simplified its appearance by slightly adjusting the colours. In the next stage, we worked on the product line of Euro Sklep’s own brand. The major premises were simplicity, freshness, and legibility of packaging. We wanted the consumer to feel the sincere character of this message. We used a simple, friendly, and legible font and a photograph of the product that presents it in a natural and attractive way.

Stage 3. Internal selection

This was a very important stage. We developed several good concept designs, which had to be fairly selected. The client saw only three designs that fulfilled the premises of the brief as best as possible.

Stage 4. Presentation and Client’s decision

Out of many designs presented during the competition, the Client chose one of ours. Naturally, that decision was the beginning of tremendous work to prepare a detailed corporate identity manual, the system of corporate identity, brand manual for the packaging of Euro Sklep’s own brand, and the design of product packaging. We had only three months for that, because the Client wanted to implement the project at the beginning of the 4th quarter of that year. Today, we can agree with the Client that the goal has been achieved. The new logo reflects current trends, is friendly and looks great on the product packaging of the new brand. The whole product range is coherent, clear, and can be easily distinguished from other brands, which gives the client an edge over the competition. The client’s satisfaction resulted in another project to prepare Groszek’s own brand.