Sector overview – new look of Davidoff coffee

Sector overview – new look of Davidoff coffee

The greatest coffee lovers are Brazilians, Americans, and Germans, who consume about 10 kilos of coffee per year. Poles consume much less, about 3 kilos per year. However, there is a growing trend in coffee consumption in Poland. Over the past 10 years, it has risen by about 80%.

In 2015, the value of the coffee market in Poland reached PLN 4.63 billion. Currently, it is estimated to reach PLN 5.3 billion. According to certain studies, we are spending even more time drinking coffee as we savour the ritual of tasting this beverage. Also, our awareness and buying power are growing, so more and more often we are choosing better coffee grades, switching from ground coffee to coffee beans, from soluble coffee to coffee capsules. The premium segment is the greatest force in this sector. The new look of the de lux brand Davidoff Caffe, introduced in Poland in 2002 by Tchibo, exactly fits into this trend.

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The new look is part of the changes in the global strategy of the brand. The aim of the campaign was to strengthen the brand with a clear modern appearance and by emphasising the refined and sophisticated taste and aroma of Davidoff coffee.

The brand is addressed to coffee connoisseurs who know how to savour the beverage and who value true quality.

The whole product line is even more consistent than it used to be. The glowing strip in the middle represents the coffee flavour and differentiates between them. A glass cup positioned next to the strip is a subtle interplay between modern design and the traditional world of coffee, and emphasises the packaging even more. A slight raster livens up the surfaces of the packaging and adds a refined touch. To make the brand even stronger and more modern, the area around the Davidoff name was cleaned up. It can be said that the brand has been set free. The descriptor has been moved to the upper area of the packaging. The final touch was to change the background colour and abandon slightly heavy striped black in favour of elegant navy-blue.

The new look of the Davidoff Caffe brand perfectly fits the newest design trends by differentiating various categories and maintaining originality and consistency.