We are open to the growing market demand and requirements. Tango Advertising Agency is always future-oriented in its projects, so we have established an innovative packaging prototyping department. Additionally, our machine park enables quick and efficient mapping of any packaging designed by the creation department as early as the conception stage.

The mock-ups and store visualisations produced are perfect for marketing purposes and consumer trials. We use state-of-the-art digital technology that significantly speeds up the process, allows customisation and the application of a wide range of photorealistic solutions, with which we can present a 3D product model or a video clip to the Client.

We have our own machine park:

Fuji Acuity Led 1600 – a 6-colour machine (C, Lc, M, Lm, Y, K + W + V) for UV digital printing with possible surprinting of white and varnish (also selectively, matte/gloss). The maximum working width of the machine is 1650 mm. The device makes it possible to print on a really wide range of materials: solid cardboard, corrugated cardboard, paper, label foils and foils (transparent foils and metallisation).

Kongsberg XL 20 – a cutting and creasing device used for the production of cardboard and paper models. The maximum working dimension of the table is 1700×1320 mm, the range of thickness of the materials cut: from thin label paper to multi-layered corrugated cardboard.

Unibind UniFoilPrinter – a machine for the digital application of metallised foil (equivalent of hot and cold stamping).

Heat sealing machine – a device for the thermal bonding of flexible materials