Zdjęcie produktowe dania z kaczki
Produktowa sesja zdjęciowa




For the needs of the catalog and marketing materials for the AMI goose and duck producer, we organized an application session.

Range of activities:

  • Photo session

We have refreshed the existing traditional image of the product

Sesja zdjęciowa dla AMI

In collaboration with chef Kamil Ścigaczewski, we staged the dishes in accordance with the then-current trends. Namely, we served goose and duck in the form of molecular cuisine, whose original additions perfectly highlighted the advantages of this unusual product.

Zdjęcie produktowe pierś i skrzydło z gęsi

Based on the approved concept, we organized products, accessories and necessary props for the photo session. Thanks to the kitchen facilities in our company studio, the chef had perfect conditions to prepare dishes for the set. From the raw material selected photos, which after post-production were prepared for further implementation in graphic materials.

Zdjęcie produktowe dania z kaczki
Zdjęcie produktowe dania z gęsi