Bona – Agra (VegeTable)


Bona–Agra company supplies from 25 years fresh vegetables for the catering industry, constantly developing new products. Our cooperation started in May 2018.

Scope of activity:

  • Logotype and naming
  • Creating a website
  • Brand promotion plan on the Internet

Our activities were aimed at creating a completely new brand

Proces projektowania logotypu vegeburger

Our task was to create a brand and a communication system with customers through packaging, catalogues, POS, and e-marketing actions. We also produced all of the elements. We were responsible for the conception, selection of the best material for packaging and POS elements, choosing the print technology, the website, and the promotion of Vege Table vegan burgers on the Internet.

Prezentacja logotypu na gadżetach reklamowych

We wanted to show that the product is addressed to young people who live in a constant rush, and who are looking for new ways to spice up their lives. Our aim was to create a universal, easy to remember name and a characteristic logotype of the product. We focused on simplicity and naturalness to communicate the brand better and to design the packaging for the vegan burgers.

Responsywność strony vegeburger
Projekt strony internetowej vegeburger
Podgląd strony internetowej
Projekt strony internetowej dla vegeburger
Strona internetowa dla vegeburger