Eccellente is an exclusive premium packaging line created for the Żabka chain of stores.

Range of activities:

  • Graphic creation
  • Creating the packaging
  • Photo session

The new packaging line communicates high quality.

Wizualizacja gotowego produktu

The objective stated in the client’s brief was to prepare packaging for three pizza types: salami, four-cheese, and prosciutto. The graphic design refers to traditional Italian dishes with a characteristic aroma of fresh herbs prepared in wood-fired stone ovens.

During the preparation of the graphic concept, we put much emphasis on the composition and interplay of colours. The background is black, which symbolises a high standard and quality. It also draws attention to the colours of the main protagonist – the product. This is why, during the photo session, the primary goal was to present the unique taste of Eccellente pizzas. The complete composition is supported by photographs of appetizers.