Colian (Goplana)


A chocolate bar from the Coffee Break line with a caramel and coffee filling, dipped in smooth milk chocolate with a topping made of plain chocolate and caramel.

Scope of activity:

  • packaging design for the Coffee Break line

We wanted to draw the attention of coffee lovers and to present the bar as an alternative

The objective of Tango Agency was to present the product as a sweet snack during a break at work or rest at home with tea or coffee. The bar is a perfect solution whenever there is no time to drink coffee, or a tasty alternative in the form of a coffee snack.

When we designed this project, we wanted to present the bar as a premium product and we focused on its small size, which made it perfect for travelling or offering to others. We wanted to fit its pleasant shape in an elegant packaging that could turn the bar into a present during events. Its unique character was emphasised with deep, clear colour that exposed the tasty filling of the bar and that reflects its coffee flavour.